The One, The Only… Tracey Dean! 

Each month we will highlight a member of the Utah Women’s Networking Group. To kick off this new feature, we thought it would be fitting to introduce you to the faithful directors of this fabulous group.

Tracey Dean FinancialFirst up is none other than Tracey Dean of Tracey Dean Financial. To best understand how Tracey makes a difference in the world every day, here are her own words, “I am a holistic financial adviser specializing in small business planning and those in transition; new marriage, children, loss of loved one, divorce or retirement. I am here to take care of your most pressing needs. I take a needs analysis approach to help plan your individual financial blueprint to steer you to success. A fun, easy approach, that’s my goal.

Tracey serves as the Director of Events for the UTWNG. She works hard to find great venues and opportunities for members to gather together to network, build relationships and wherever possible support a worthwhile cause. And if you attend our monthly luncheons or breakfasts, you have definitely seen Tracey in action.

We have six key questions and here is what sweet, funny and direct Tracey had to say:

Share something about yourself that can’t be found on your resume.
Pretty much everything. I’m best known for my smile and for making people laugh because I am so damn funny.

Who is/has been your role model/mentor? And what is one key thing they taught you?
This is always a tough question for me, I really do not have a meaningful mentor or role model… other than Warren Buffett, I would love to pick his brain if just for one day!

If you could travel anywhere in the world – money is not an issue – where would you go and why?
Vietnam. Up until a few years ago, I hadn’t realized the beauty. Let alone the history, as my dad fought in the Vietnam War. I’m incredibly intrigued by this amazing country.

What is a motto or phrase you live and/or work by?
I know it sounds cliché, but based on my near-death car accident, I always say, “Life is too short” and “Work hard, play harder!”

Who is your must-listen-to or must-read author, blog or video blog? How do they inspire, motivate, encourage and/or help you?
Michael Kitces is a very successful financial advisor and he has a blog, Nerd’s Eye View. His insight into my world is amazing and extremely helpful. However, I am addicted to any TED Talk in any industry.

Any last words of wisdom to share with UTWNG members and future members?
Show up and participate. Share your insight when others are in need and… sponsor everything I ask!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Tracey. Next time you are at an UTWNG event, walk over and say “hi” to Tracey and thank her for her dedicated service. She’s awesome and we are thrilled she is part of the leadership team.