By Peri Kinder

It’s the most wonderful-ish time of year!

We have shopping to do and baking to do and decorating and caroling and eating. But we also have work and family and obligations. And we’re all under COVID restrictions! So how do you celebrate the holidays, get work done, keep your family healthy and safe, and stay sane???

Introducing the Quarantini!  (JK. Kind of.)

While a Quarantini might solve your problems momentarily, it’s really not a long-term solution. So what is?

Here are a few ways to put this holiday into perspective.

  1. Have a family meeting. This might be people in your immediate household or extended family. Send out a Zoom invitation to those not in your house and get creative about ways to adapt traditions to this year’s holiday.
  2. Set priorities and pivot. What traditions are non-negotiable? Maybe you serve meals at the soup kitchen each holiday. Maybe this year you donate to their program instead. If your family has a cookie bake-off on Christmas Eve, maybe each family makes a plate of cookies to leave at family members’ doorsteps that night. So many options!!
  3. Get real. If you or your significant other have been laid off, money is probably tight this year. Have honest discussions with family members about gift-giving. Maybe give each person a budget and have a contest to see who can find the funniest gifts or the most sentimental presents. Or write heartfelt letters to people you love.
  4. Use COVID as an excuse to say “no”. This is your opportunity to get out of all the work parties, family dinners, neighborhood celebrations, and religious events that you don’t absolutely love. Your response is, “We’re not doing that this year, but thanks for the invitation.” Super easy!!

Remember the holiday season is a celebration of love and light. You don’t need fancy parties or expensive gifts to make the holiday bright. Find the small joys and the big kindnesses, and be well.


Peri Kinder is a Happiness Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, and Humor Columnist.