We aspire to be the ultimate women’s networking model for business owners, professionals, and women looking to build valuable relationships. Our services connect members with the people, resources, encouragement and inspiration to be the most successful woman they can dream to be.

We value building long lasting relationships over promoting ourselves. Selling is not a primary objective of the members of this group. We encourage members to attend events and engage in conversations on our group Facebook pages to gain trust and build relationships.


The WNG empowers and supports women throughout Utah by:
1) Connecting members with like-minded business owners and professionals through events and social media.
2) Educating members through events and valuable discussions.
3) Providing members with resources and referrals for growing their business or in their personal lives.
4) Inspiring and encouraging members to live their dreams and to accomplish what they are truly passionate about.
5) Supporting local nonprofits that provide valuable services to the community.
To become a Facebook group member please answer the group membership questions and agree to our group rules.

Before engaging on the Utah Women’s Networking Group Facebook Main Page or Utah WNG Business Resources Page, please see our Posting Do’s and Don’ts PDF. We want our Facebook engagement to be an excellent experience for all, which is why we have set standards.

Once your Facebook group application has been approved, we will send you information about how to best engage on our Facebook page and when you will be introduced to our members.