Turn a Light on for… Jodie Turner! 

Part of what makes the Utah Women’s Networking Group go around is our dedicated members who support us at every turn. One member, in particular, is Jodie Turner of Eagle Electric, Inc.

Jodie serves as Vice President for Eagle Electric which provides electrical contractor services for new, remodel, residential, and commercial projects. They offer a full 24-hour service department, and believe that no job is too small! Something cool to note, most of their management and key employees have been with Eagle for 10 or more years.

Let’s get to know a little more about Jodie. We put her to our six-question test:

Share something about yourself that can’t be found on your resume.
Tough question. I love classic muscle cars and can be found at car shows, either taking my car or just to see the others cars a lot of weekends when the weather is nice.

Who is/has been your role model/mentor? And what is one key thing they taught you?
My Dad. He taught me just about everything I know about my industry and continues to teach me. He also taught me that what you put out to the world comes back to you in waves (negative, positive, whatever).

If you could travel anywhere in the world – money is not an issue – where would you go and why?
Greece and Rome (not all of Italy, just Rome)! I really want to see the ancient ruins of Greece and Rome. I am fascinated with that era.

What is a motto or phrase you live and/or work by?
I have two: “Service Above Self” the Rotary motto and “Strive not to be a success, but rather be of value” – Albert Einstein. I believe living these two things will make a person rich, not necessarily always monetarily, but in life. But I also believe that you get back what you put into the world and then some.

Who is your must-listen-to or must-read author, blog or video blog? How do they inspire, motivate, encourage and/or help you?
I don’t really have any that I follow often really. “You Are a Bad Ass” by Jen Sincero changed a lot of my outlooks about myself, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy really spoke to me and I’ve been trying to implement some of that. I could go on forever. I devour books usually!

Any last words of wisdom to share with UTWNG members and future members?
Get involved. Talk, listen and get to people in UTWNG and it will be the most beneficial and amazing thing you have ever done. So many women to look up to, support and help you through just about anything, and you will also find the reverse and have many women to help and support. It gives you a whole new world of friends, and who couldn’t use more friends?

Jodie is a bright light (no pun intended) in the UTWNG. And we love that she is a kickass woman helping to lead and running an electric company! At the next event, be sure to seek out Jodie and say hi.