Diane and her team at the Salt Lake Culinary center put on some super fun cooking classes for adults as well as kids! I have had the privilege of being part of a few of their events and what fun did we all have! Diane truly embodies Julia Child’s trail blazing demeaner as she creates engaging classes that not only teach you tools of the trade, but creates a fun environment as well! I feel it all goes back to her living mantra of Don’t Act Your Age! Her lighthearted spirit ads that certain “je ne sais pas” secret spice to everything she creates!

Share something about yourself that can’t be found on your resume
I was on the Olympic committee that interviewed potential volunteers to help with the 2002 Winter Olympics and then was a supervisor at the center where all the volunteers, officials and media received their uniform and accreditation.

Who is/has been your role model/mentor?  And what is one key thing they taught you?
Julia Child has been one of my role models.  She was a trail blazer, bold, intelligent and not afraid of uncharted waters!  (Besides learning how to cook from her cookbooks)

If you could travel anywhere in the world – money is not an issue – where would you go and why?
The first place I would travel would be Vienna Austria.  Our son and daughter in law live and work there and it’s always great to spend time with them.  From there I would visit all the European countries we have not been to yet.  Learning about food and culture of other countries fascinates me.

What is a motto or phrase you live and/or work by?
My motto is “Never act your age” (Especially at my age!!) and  “If you’re not having fun in the line of work you do-get out and find your passion!  Life is too short to be miserable every day”

Who is your must-listen-to or must-read author blog or video blog?  How do they inspire, motivate, encourage and/or help you?
I really enjoy Simon Sinek, his book Start With Why is inspirational for me.  I like his Ted Talk on the same subject of WHY we do what we do.  I’m also inspired by the plethora of cooking magazines I receive every month-I try to cook something from each issue and learn a new technique or use an ingredient I’m not familiar with. My husband loves it when we’re in ‘test kitchen’ mode!

Any last words of wisdom to share with UTWNG members and future members?
Get involved!  I joined last November and have met so many inspirational and fun women and look forward to meeting more of you!