Are You Part of the Utah Women’s Networking Group Facebook Page?

Are You Part of the Utah Women’s Networking Group Facebook Page?

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Our Utah Women’s Networking Group Facebook page compliments the Utah Women’s Networking Group. It is open to men and women in Utah dedicated to the mission and vision statement of the Utah WNG.

To post on this page, you must be a member of the Utah Women’s Networking Group and must have completed the Utah WNG Membership Agreement. Members can create an original post once a week to promote their business or your personal brand. Original posts must be approved by WNG leadership. Posts will be approved a minimum of once a day.

For the complete Do-s and Don’t-s of posting on our pages, please go to:

To complete the UTWNG Membership Agreement, please go to:

We also have ANCHOR POSTS where members can share events, words of wisdom, information about their industry/business, etc… by commenting below the posts. This helps members search our page for valuable information in one post instead of many individual posts.

If you have any questions regarding the Utah Women’s Networking Group and our Facebook Group Pages, please email us at

Learn More About the Utah Women’s Networking Group

Learn More About the Utah Women’s Networking Group

Welcome to the Utah Women’s Networking Group!

To become a member, request to be added, and/or fill out our application please visit this link:

Before engaging on the Utah Women’s Networking Group (UTWNG) Facebook Main Page or Utah WNG Business Resources Page, please see our Do-s and Don’t-s Page at:

We aspire to be the ultimate women’s networking model for business owners, professionals and women looking to build valuable relationships. Our services connect members with the people, resources, encouragement and inspiration to be the most successful woman they can dream to be.

The Utah Women’s Networking Group empowers and supports women throughout Utah by:
1) Connecting members with like minded business owners and professionals through events and social media
2) Educating members through events and valuable discussions
3) Providing members with resources and referrals to grow their business or in their personal lives
4) Inspiring and encouraging members to live their dreams and to accomplish what they are truly passionate about
5) Supporting local nonprofits that provide valuable services to the community

We value building long lasting relationships over promoting ourselves. Selling is not a primary objective of the members of this group.

To promote our members, Ambassadors have access to a Directory that is used to connect members when referrals are requested.

We host luncheons the 3rd Wednesday of the month (subject to change). We also host luncheons in Provo/Orem, Davis/Ogden, Breakfasts, Evening Mixers and Fundraisers.

We encourage members to attend at least two (2) events a year (the more you attend, the more value you will receive from your membership). We also encourage you engage in conversations on our group pages to gain trust and build relationships.

We ask members only recommend/tag members when someone asks for a resource. If you wish to recommend non-members, private message the member making the request.

Keep posts simple and non-complicated. Promoting products and/or services is allowed on our Utah WNG Business Resources Page once a week. Members that do not follow the guidelines regarding posts will have their post deleted and risk being removed from the group.

Should you become a member, we hope you will maximize your experience by being respectful of our culture of putting others first and providing honest, trustworthy and positive feedback and information.

If you send in your information through the link and you do not get approved within a week, email us at