Membership Packages

Step 1:  If you haven’t set up a user profile on the site yet, do that first. See the New User Registration link above. Pick your package level from the options below and click the button to purchase.

Step 2:  When editing or claiming your business directory listing, you will be asked to either register (create user account) for the site or sign into your existing user account before you can edit your directory information.

Step 3:  We will contact you to confirm your membership purchase and get the details needed to add your directory listing information. The number of fields available is based on package level chosen.

For a full list of benefits, see our comparison spreadsheet.

Things to Note

We ask that only one person represents one company per membership (company memberships are available but still include one listing managed by a single point of contact). Please contact us to take advantage of company membership options and learn more.

Scholarships are available for nonprofits and aspiring business owners. Exsiting UTWNG members can also sponsor and pay for other members.