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  • Camilla Kragius – No More Hamster Wheel

    Member Name: Camilla Kragius
    Address: PO Box 682223
    Park City
    United States

    I help busy professionals and business owners stop spinning and start living by teaching them how to work smarter, not harder. I coach and teach on the topics of Productivity, Time Management, Mindset, Success and Performance Habits, Goal-setting, Leadership communication, Sales and Business Strategy.

  • Holly Stokes – The Brain Trainer

    Member Name: Holly Stokes
    Address: 555 E 4500 S. suite C 250
    United States

    Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer trains the brain out of fear, anxiety, negative thinking, self-criticism, cravings, mental blocks, lack of motivation and self-sabotage. Find your health, happiness, and success with your BRAIN!

  • Mary Kay, Future National Sales Director

    Member Name: Tracy Potter
    Address: 3060 Canyon Creek Cir
    United States

    Take on your Power ~ Inspiring Change & Leadership For the last 34 years, I have specialied in coaching and mentoring thousands of women to uncover real change in their life and develope deeper confidence. If you are read for a change, a new opportunity, a new look, a new challenge, I am looking for leaders. I have earned almost $3 million in my Mary Kay career. My passion is to coach, mentor, assist and support women to want greater Read more [...]