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  • Common Sense Firearms Training

    Member Name: Jodie Turner

    We do Concealed Carry Permit classes, Basic Pistol, Defensive Pistol, and Personal Protection Inside the Home. We also do private range instruction. Website is

  • Holly Stokes – The Brain Trainer

    Member Name: Holly Stokes
    Address: 555 E 4500 S. suite C 250
    United States

    Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer trains the brain out of fear, anxiety, negative thinking, self-criticism, cravings, mental blocks, lack of motivation and self-sabotage. Find your health, happiness, and success with your BRAIN!

  • Women’s Business Center

    Member Name: Ann Marie Wallace
    Address: 175 East 400 South, Suite 600
    Salt Lake City
    United States

    The WBC was established November 1997 as a partnership between the Salt Lake Chamber and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA provides a federal grant to the WBC to assist women in Utah start and grow successful small businesses through training, resources, and support. By the end of 2017, the WBC will extend these services to every county in Utah. The WBC team collectively has owned five small businesses and speaks five different languages. They are an accountability Read more [...]